Body & Mind, Running, Workout

Body & Mind

Our body can stand almost anything. It is our mind that we have to convince.

To integrate our body with our mind when we’re confronted with the “too many people, too little time, too much to do” syndrome of everyday life – is tad bit too much. 😒

However, it is very important for the body and mind to be in sync in order to fully experience clarity of mind and radiant health.

i.e. Our body’s health can get positively or negatively affected by our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and attitudes – the choice is ours !! 😃

A perfect combination of Yoga and Meditation helps clear out any form of resistance and helps calm down. 🧘🏻‍♂️

Just 10-15 minutes anytime-anywhere works for me.

B  e    A  w  a r e.   B e   C o n  s  i  s  t e n t.

#RunwithRaah 🏃🏻

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